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CANAL+ is a premium TV broadcaster in France.

As we were among the first to port VLC (the famous french media player) in the iOS environment, we were selected as preferred partner by CANAL+ group back in 2011.

We first collaborated with CANAL+ distribution and new products department team on a VOD project called CANALPLAY. Then we worked closely to imagine a reboot version of their flagship app myCANAL. Stakes were clear, improve the level of service and create a user friendly and optimized product.

A flexible architecture

One of the main challenges to face was the non-fixed organization of contents. Volume, categorization and cycle of life of contents may change from one day to another. Therefore, we opt for fully web served app configuration that ease - a lot - editorial teams work in terms of organization and highlights.

An extended video player

We developed a CANAL+ custom video player, now implemented on every iOS CANAL+ app.

This player is composed of mandatory features for a premium medium: DRM-compliance, Start-over, live and on-demand broadcast, rights management (occultation) and connectivity (Airplay).

Moreover, we designed a set of plugins in order to enhance the CANAL+ user experience.

For instance, myCANAL App works as a remote control for setup boxes and was the first iOS app in France to offer Chromecast implementation. Recently, offline video consumption was made possible thanks a download-to-go feature.

A modular interface

Various interface templates (grids, highlights, focus) were designed as autonomous blocks that are assembled based on editorial and user experience choices.

This system is both dead simple to administrate and ready for declinations of the app, in a cost-effective mode. As an example, myCANAL Overseas app is based on myCANAL « metropolitan » app framework.

Key facts

- myCANAL was selected by Apple was one of the best iPad apps in 2014

- CANAL+ chose to intensify our partnership with others apps to come, based on myCANAL framework.

- You can connect your Philips Hue lights to myCANAL app for a deep immersion in next GoT season