VLC is back on the App Store!


On October 25th, 2010 we unveiled VLC for the iPhone. Unfortunately, less than 3 months later, Apple pulled VLC off the App Store because of a legal grey area between VLC’s license at the time (the GPL v2) and the App Store Terms of Service.

Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of the community, VLC has recently been re-licensed under a more permissive license, the LGPL v2.1. This is a very significant move, as this required getting the simultaneous authorization from over 500 different contributors. That new license gets rid of the clauses that were problematic with the older one, therefore opening the way for a re-submission of VLC on Apple’s App Store.

We’ve taken our time to get a version two ready, and actually we haven’t been the only ones hard at work since we’ve partnered with members of the open source community to bring you a bunch of very nice improvements. In VLC for iOS, you now can:

  • Password-protect your media library
  • Upload your media files without using iTunes thanks to an embedded web server
  • Sync VLC with Dropbox and get all your content easily
  • Decode your media much, much faster since VLC now uses a multithreaded decoding architecture and offloads parts of the decoding job to the GPU

VLC Media Player

iPhone and iPad, v 2.0.0 Download on the App Store

This new version was the opportunity to move the app from our iTunes account to VideoLAN’s, so don’t be surprised if you don’t get an update in the App Store. And last but not least, the source code is publicly available and kindly hosted by VideoLAN in a git repository. Patches are welcome!