Lively UITableView


Animations are a central part of mobile applications: screen real estate being expensive, they are used to add meaning to the user interface. They are all over the place in the iOS; but after a few years of use, it would be nice to see something new.

Earlier this month Hakim El Hattab wrote an amazing scroll effects in CSS3 demo that you can try in your web browser (if it’s recent enough). While it works tremendously well on a desktop machine, it isn’t quite ready for mobile yet: browsing that page on an iPhone is rather slow, and worse, makes MobileSafari crash if you zoom in.

Still the concept is pretty awesome, and those demos beg to shine on an iPhone. So that’s precisely what we did.

Even better, we wrote all this code as a clean subclass of UITableView. So using it in your own project is as simple as drag’n’dropping two files, and turning any table view you want animated into a subclass (or an instance) of ADLivelyTableView. You can then pick whichever animation you like (or even build your own custom one).

The code is freely available under a BSD license on our GitHub repository.

Be careful though: they’re refreshing eye-candies, but don’t abuse those animations. Depending on the context, they can do more harm than good. Given your use case, you can also write more subtle transitions: for demo purposes the one shown here are rather bold, but it’s very easy to write custom ones that will better fit your app.