Introducing iOS 7 GUI PSD


Eager to start prototyping your next iOS 7 app? Wait no more! Today we would like to share a first version of our iOS 7 GUI PSD with all the designers and developers who are already working on iOS 7 like we are.

You can download it right here:

476.88 Ko Download

For this first version, you will find the following elements:

  • Status Bar
  • Navigation Bar
  • Search Bar
  • Tool Bar
  • Tab Bar
  • Scope Bar
  • Segmented Control
  • Progress Bar
  • Slider
  • Switch
  • Stepper
  • Alert Popup
  • Keyboard
  • Control Center
  • List view

So fire up Photoshop and start designing awesome apps! And while we are working on the next version feel free to give us your feedback on Twitter!