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Performance manager - Full time

We are growing up, our partners do and the Mobile economy too, that is why we chose to enhance our organization in order to tackle more efficiently our users’ and our partner’s stakes.

Thus, a Performance expertise arose naturally while mapping our core expertises.

If technical execution quality remains a first and necessary asset to reach success, it is not sufficient in a competitive and fast-moving environment. In our minds, a mobile app is becoming a product on its own, i.e. a concrete implementation of a corporate strategy (towards end users, consumers or collaborators).

Saying that, it needs to be envisaged in a long sight roadmap and operated on a daily base in order to stay in contact with an ecosystem made of opportunities.

Within Applidium’s Performance team, you will work in collaboration with Product managers and our clients to bring our mobile products to success.

You’re likely be working on:

You will also take part in Applidium’s growth especially in HR and business development areas.


You’re holding a MS or BS, and you’re generally enthusiastic about everything tech-related.

Required qualifications


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