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Communication intern - Internship

Job description

You will be working in direct contact with Applidium CEO and Engineering, Desing and Product people, and will be under FABERNOVEL Group’s Communication Manager responsability.

You may be required to work on the following tasks:

Job qualification

Required qualifications

Qualifications that we’ll appreciate

To finish with, any sample of your works wil be deeply appreciated.


In order to show us your skills in a different way than in your well-presented résumé, the Applidium team offers you 3 mini-challenges.

Release note

A new app developed by Applidium for [pick a random client] is just released. You have to write out under the shape of your choice (Appstore release note, blog post, press release…) a note with a funny tone to promote this release. Find out a catchphrase and bring out the advantages of the app and of the partnership between Applidium and its client.

Growth hacking

Create an influence strategy to promote the new game published by Applidium and incite the public to download it. Give the details of you strategy: Detail the message, the targeted audience and the means used to perform.
Precision: your influence strategy is exclusively off-paid media.

Meet-up checklist

Applidium wants to organize a meetup between software people (engineers) and you’re in charge of the coordination. Write out a checklist of what you have to do and what you need to set this event. Find out also a nice place in Paris who can host the event and with a capacity of approximately 50 people.


Send us your resume, motivation letter, references...