March 12, 2014

It is getting hard to publish an app where forms are not mandatory. Users are exposed to input data through forms in order to access the service (login, registering), achieve a task (searching, checking out) or complete secondary actions (for instance getting in touch with the editor). Constraints due to the mobile environment (screen sizes and the digital keyboard among many others) make forms a major traffic leak. To the question “What makes you uninstall an app?”, 38% of Android users answer the need to fill a form for registering. Let’s take some time to think about problems users can encounter.

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March 11, 2014

At Applidium, we love to add animations to our applications. They add context to the interface, and are a beautiful addition to a static UI. In fact, we enjoy them so much that we open-sourced some of our work on this topic (ADLivelyTableView, ADTransitionController). Today, we are adding a new library to the list: ADLivelyCollectionView, a port of ADLivelyTableView to UICollectionView.

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February 04, 2014

This blog post follows this one about the Android Manifest, on the topic of publishing on Google Play. Here, we will discuss Google Play’s Developer Console. It provides useful tools for published apps: statistics, backtraces for crashes and ANR (application not responding). But we will focus just on the publishing part.

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February 03, 2014

Google’s sneek peaks of the GDK (Glass Development Kit) lets us envisage Google Glass as an interesting platform when designing mobile services.

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