September 01, 2014

As we are counting days before the public release of iOS 8, we wanted to share some context and tips around App Extensions. An extension offers custom functionality of an app out to the whole system, extending it in new and meaningful ways. Once off-limits, new parts of the operating system are now open, providing fresh surface area for your app to touch. After an introduction to extensions in general, we’ll delve into the world Today widgets, which we believe will foster new and innovative ways of interacting with apps.

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August 11, 2014

“What does having a relevant pool of equipment mean when I have to test applications? If I’d like to create a test set of mobile devices from scratch, where should I begin? My testing pool hasn’t been updated for a long time; what criteria should I check to update it?”

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June 27, 2014

This week, Google held its annual developer conference, Google I/O. While the keynote was massively focused on Android (with announcements for Android L, Android Wear, Android Auto or Android TV), it was still too short for all Android-related news. Luckily, Google provides additional sessions during I/O which yield tons of information.

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June 19, 2014

Geofencing is a technical word for a quite simple concept: it’s all about setting virtual areas and monitoring a smartphone entry and exit of these areas. The main interest is to allow a developer to fire notifications (based on geolocation) even in the background or when the app isn’t running. On iOS, if your app was not active, it can be awakened for a few seconds to handle the geofencing event. The goal of this article is to summarize basic knowledge on the subject, through the eyes of an app maker.

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