Vim is a modal text editor. Syntax highlighting, split windows, advanced search, and thousand of other functionalities make it a must-have.


About this project

To celebrate its 20th birthday, we have ported Vim to the iOS. Vim is a reference in the field of text editors, and is a rather good fit for mobile devices.

  • Automatic indentation
  • Visual mode (block operations)
  • Language-aware syntax highlighting
  • Integrated scripting language that lets you extend functionalities
  • Macros recording and playback
  • Markers management (to quickly move around the edited file)
  • Multiple clipboards

Vim is a professional tool. Once mastered, you will achieve a much higher productivity as compared to what can be done using a more conventional text editor.

We’re opening the source code to our Vim port on our GitHub repository. Our modifications are published under the Vim license. We would like to adress a special thanks to Bram Moolenaar, Vim’s creator, for taking some time to beta-test our adaptation and give us some very valuable feedback.

Last but not least, Vim is charityware : if you’re using it, please don’t hesitate to help out needy children in Uganda.


Reference :

Skills :

  • Event-loop management
  • advanced typographic rendering
  • Consistent user experience on the iPhone and the iPad

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